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Gāstcyning 02:21
Gāstcyning gifa Cyning ǣghwǣr ic stande Brego King-soul-giver King wherever I stand Ruler
Wulfwiga 04:16
Wulfheorte Hier ðæs heoruwulfes wīglēoð Gūðbeornes ðoterung Wulfheorte Mōna hrōp Gal ðæs heoruwearges wōplēoð Gūðbeornes ðoterung Gal ðæs heoruwearges hrōp Wolfheart Hear the wolf warrior’s war cry The fighting hero’s groaning Wolfheart Moon Howl Sing the bloodthirsty wolf’s lament The fighting hero’s groaning Scream the bloodthirsty wolf’s cry
Hēahlufu 03:51
Hēahlufu Niðerlufu Līðelīc mōnascīn Beorhtlīc sunnanscīma Ēadlufu Manlufu Līðelīc mōnascīn Beorhtlīc sunnanscīma Heortlufu Wīflufu Dīere Lufu Dīere Woruldlufu Dīere Lufu Dīere Gāstcundu lufu High love Lower love Gentle moonlight Bright sunshine Blessed love Love for a man Gentle moonlight Bright sunshine Hearty love Love for a woman Dear Love Beloved Worldly love Dear Love Beloved Spiritual love
Sceadugenga 03:11
Wīdfaran Ānstapa Gā Ic sceadugenga Ānstapa Ic fare nǣfre āne Ic fare nāwa nīedlēas Ic fare nǣfre āne Ic fare nāwa ðearflēas Wīdfaran Inweardstapa Inweardfaran Ānstapa Travelling far and wide Lonely wanderer Go I, wanderer in shadow Lonely wanderer I travel never in solitude I never journey without need I travel never in solitude I never journey without cause Travelling far and wide Inward wanderer Travelling inwardly Lonely wanderer
Bregostōllēas Bregorīcelēas Mægencyning Cynesetllēas Cynedōmlēas Brego in brēoste Without royal seat Without royal realm Mighty king Without throne Without kingdom Ruler in thy chest
Eofor Wildeswīnhæleðas Eoforspere Wildeswīnhæleðas Eoforscild Wildeswīnhæleðas Eoforhelm Wildeswīnhæleðas Eoforcræft Wīghaga Eoforhaga Eoforhēafod Wildeswīnhæleðas Eoforlīc Wildeswīnhæleðas Eoforwrōt Wild boar Wild swine heroes Boar spear Wild swine warriors Boar shield Wild swine fighters Boar helmet Wild swine men Boar strength Phalanx Swine array Boar head Wild swine heroes Boar-like Wild swine warriors Boar snout
Fægru Fara 05:03
Fægru fara Efendīeru Efenlēof Frēawlitigu lufestre Welgewlite genga Efenlīc Hēahlufu Beautiful travel companion Equally dear Equally lovely Very beautiful beloved Beautiful fellow traveller Equal Great love
Slincan hwisprian Snican sprecan Wealcan crympan Wrīðan crēopan Slincan ālīesan Snīcan slītan Āðrāwan Becrēopan Āðrāwan Āblindan Snaca Alǣtan Scēawung Alǣtan Edgrōwung Wyrm Slither, whisper Sneak, speak Twist, curl Wind, creep Slither, absolve Sneak, slit Twine Creep towards Twine Blind Snake Letting go Sight Letting go and Growing again Serpent
Innra Æcer 03:43
Æðele ǣðm Æðele swāt Æðele tēar Æðele blōd Blōdwīte Frēolīces frēolāc Innra æcer Āweaxende sǣlwang Blēdhwatu blēd Royal breath Royal sweat Royal tears Royal blood Blood offering Free-will offering of a free-born (on my) inner field Growing fertile plain Abundant harvest
Berabeorn 03:38
Berawiga Berascin Beragerār Berabeorn Hīer mīn wīglēoð Wīgblēd grunung Hīer mīn wīglēoð Wīgspēd sang Bear warrior Bear skin Bear roar Bear fighter Hear my battle cry My luck-in-war-grunt Hear my battle cry My success-in-war-song
Fȳrenu hǣtu Līglicu cwylming Bryne Heorte nīedðearf Wilde lust Bryne Gastlīcu langung Dēoplīcu ðearf Grōwende hungor Grōwendu nīed Fiery heat Fiery suffering Burning Heart’s need Wild lust Burning Spiritual longing Deep desire Growing hunger Growing need
Wōhs Wildum 04:29
Wōhs Wildum Dēoran Grew on a wild animal


Are you ready to be initiated by the four archetypes within?

With these songs I intentionally invoke my inner Warrior, Lover, King and Magician and I hope it will help you to do the same.
This album is all about growing into a mature human being by connecting with the power of the four archetypes, and consciously walking together with them on the adventure we call the wheel of life.

These compositions express my interpretation of the four archetypes which I connect to the four seasons within and without, and so they follow the cyclical nature of mann.

I challenge you to listen to what these archetypes have to tell you.


released August 1, 2019

Sowulo | MANN
Was composed and produced by Faber Horbach

Faber Horbach | Vocals, Throat singing, Lyre, Nyckelharpa, Irish bouzouki, Jouhikko, Synths & VST

Chloe Bakker | Celtic triplett harp
Sophie Zaaijer | Violin
Pan Bartkowiak | Woodblock & shakers
Klaartje van Zwoll | Viola
Fieke van den Hurk | Shakers

MANN was recorded by Faber Horbach at Auroch Audio Studio
Engineered and mixed by Fieke van den Hurk at DearWorld Studio
Mastered by Nico van Montfort at XPZ Sound Studio

Album concept and research | Faber Horbach
Artwork development | Faber Horbach & Samiye van Rossum
Illustrations | Samiye van Rossum
Graphic design | Jasper van Gheluwe

Lyrics and translations by Faber Horbach,
Editing by Veerle Verhagen
[except for Wohs Wildum Deoran]


all rights reserved



Sowulo Netherlands

: Atmospheric nordic dark folk :

The lyrics and the music, created with (early) medieval and contemporary instruments combined with cinematic sounds and voice, invoke archetypical wisdom and express the cyclical nature of existence. ... more

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